Erasmus in Riga – Latvia

Erasmus in Riga - Latvia

Erasmus is a process that contains legendary stories we hear from different minds. Riga is a small and pretty European city which brings many international students together. You will spend an unforgettable semester with cultural activities, parties, meetings. But, as most people do, you have questions and little excitement. So, we’ve written this article to resolve your enthusiasm.

1- Accommodation in Riga

Generally, students prefer to stay in flat-shared houses. Approximately, the prices between 250-350 euros (utilities included) for per room in the city centre. While signing the agreement, many landlords want a deposit, which is equivalent to the rental fee and + the rent. It is a little bit hard to find an apartment without an agency. That’s why you may also have to pay an agency fee for their services. Nonetheless, it is possible to find a place to stay on social media platforms such as Facebook. When you do a little search on Facebook, you can find many groups of people who want to rent a flat or who are looking for a roommate.

One of the most common of these groups is the Riga student’s apartment market. You can look at the ads through this group, or you can create a post yourself. We advise you to be careful with fraudsters.

If you have not found a flat, we suggest you take a look at the real estate agent. You can contact one of Riga’s reliable real estate companies through this link – Flatshare Riga. It is also possible to see their advertisements on the Facebook page.

Dormitories in Riga

You may not want to stay at home, or you may want to opt for a dormitory to make economical savings. Riga has many dormitories where you can feel at home and stay safe. Compared to the houses, if you do not want to stay alone in one room, the prices are more appropriate. Prices may vary depending on the time. Therefore, we recommend you to contact your university about the dormitories. Sometimes, you can stay in the dorms with scholarships for free or pay a small amount. Approximately, prices between 100-150 euros for a room with 1 more tenant in a dormitory.

The most well-known dormitories are:

  1. Reznas, Prima Hostel  recommended by the University of Latvia.
  2. Prima, Hotel Apalenis, Tomo which are recommended by Baltic International Academy.
  3. Kipsala Campus Dormitory and others recommended by Riga Technical University.

2- Studies in Riga

Studies in RigaLectures, completely depend on the university and your field. Absenteeism varies according to lecturer and the university. However, it is not easy to fail in lessons while doing Erasmus in Riga. We do not think you’ll have a problem as long as you meet the basics you need. Most courses are taught in English. But at some universities, you can also study in languages like Latvian and Russian. If you come to learn a foreign language, it is possible to learn French, German and Spanish at Latvian universities. In general, the young population in Latvia speaks good English. So you will not have a problem on the street. Before coming to the university, you can get information about educational matters from your university’s institution coordinator or you can comment on this post.

3- Nightlife and Parties in Riga

Riga has a charming old town with plenty of bars and clubs. You can enter the clubs at no extra cost. The majority of popular places are in the old town. There are many places that play different kinds of music. It is also possible to meet people who organize many Erasmus or house parties. Prices, of course, vary according to the bar. But to bring your mind, we can say that in general the price of an average beer is 3-4 euros. We list some bars for you:

Folkklubs ALA pagrabs, it is a folk pub where you can find traditional Latvian food and beers. Ala bar located in peldu iela. You should visit it on Wednesday nights to see Latvian folk dance while having a pint! Do not forget to try Latvian garlic bread!
Nightlife in RigaPūce Club is opposite to Ala. They play different kind of music at different events. You can check their facebook page for more information. You will meet with so many international students for sure! You can also play beer pong and win a reward on special nights. Peldu iela is one of the famous streets in Riga.
FIRST МИР (Dacha) is a massive nightclub. It has different dance floors, dancers, and a swimming pool. It is a bit expensive when we compare with other clubs. You can check their facebook page right here.
Rock cafe, a rock bar in old town. It is big though, downstairs where you can do karaoke, upstairs where you can listen to live music.  Mostly, it is quite crowded.

Transportation in Riga

As for public transport, Riga has cards called e-talons. Your university will guide you in this regard. But with these e-talon cards, you can use all public transport in Riga. It costs 20 euro per month for unlimited rides.
In case you’d like to rent a car I recommend you mailar auto noma – the prices are considerably affordable as it is a Latvian company.
Once you want to travel by taxi, you can use taxify or panda cab. Taxify is an application which you can download to your mobile phone and order a cab to your location. Panda is one of the cheapest cab company in Riga. You can call them at +371 670 00000. Approximately, a cab charges 0.71 cents per kilometre.
So that’s it. We wish you a happy Erasmus semester! If you have any questions you can drop a comment and we can try to help you.

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