Daniels Gorbacovs

Scammer Daniels Gorbacovs

This complaint is about a grifter and cheater advertiser Daniels Gorbacovs. He deliberately misleads and lied to me and a friend of mine about the apartment he was advertising at Barona 14-26. He lied about many things including the condition of the property and cost of services. He was also disrespectful towards us and did not even inform the owner about any of these situations. All of his actions and attitudes were unethical and even unprofessional considering the real estate organisation. Here you can find detailed information on his actions.

His advertisements about the property were a bunch of lies. He told us the place is fully furnished. However, when we moved in, we saw two broken beds and he did nothing about the situation even though he promised to. Also, due to his fake advertisement, we couldn’t rent the room out since there was a broken bed in it. Therefore, we had to pay for one empty room because of his irresponsibility.

He got into our place and looked into our wardrobes. Daniels Gorbacovs also messed our stuff and we realized that when we got into our house. This is a complete violation of personal boundary. He is not only disrespectful to us but also our personal stuff and life.

The things he did are not limited to his illegal acts. He lied to us about the parking spot. He said it was okay to park our car in the yard. However, we received a penalty for that although we paid fully for parking space every month. Then he declined to compensate our loss and behaved unjustly toward us.

As I mentioned before, as far as we know, the owner of the house is not informed about any of these situations and our unjust suffering. Daniels Gorbacovs even did not let us talk to the owner by inventing several lies regarding the owner’s occupation with other stuff. Maybe we could have talked things through if he would let us get in touch with the owner of the house.

He did lie about the price of the utilities as well stating that they were around €150-250 per month. We paid more than €300 every month and it put us in a tough money situation. 

Last but not least, when we decided to leave the house because of everything he did, he gave us a FAKE document stating that we can leave the house without any penalty. After leaving the house, he said that (probably lying) the owner does not refund the deposit we gave although we did not damage the house or later the rent or utilities. Again, he did not let us contact the owner to ask about this action.

As you can see and understand, he performed many illegal and unethical actions towards us. We reported him to the police and we will sue him after the state of emergency ends in Latvia. Be careful about this scammer and the dishonest person named Daniels Gorbachov. He is capable of doing anything concerning his benefit.

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