After studying for a year in Latvia, I have decided to inform future students. When I was about to move to this beautiful country, I couldn’t find enough sources on web. Before start reading, it’s better if  you know that here is no free education in Latvia, you have to pay even for the state universities.

I assume, you would like to study in capital of Latvia in Riga. Therefore, this blog will be about how does it feel to be a student,how is the education, what is the plus and minuses in Riga.

  • Studies andtuition fee

First of all, it depends what are you going to study here. I know so many German students are coming here to study medicine and I haven’t met with someone who is complaining. If you are going to study here, you should be sure that you will have an international environment. It is possible to meet with students from all around the world in Riga. The diplomas given from Latvian universities are approved by European Union which means you can start working in any country. When we compare the education fee’s with different countries like Europe, United Kingdom or United States of America, Latvian universities are way cheaper than these countries. This also another reason to study here. (Approximately, tuition fee’s are starting from 700€ up to 3,900€)

  • Language 

If you don’t speak any Latvian or Russian (some universities teaching in Russian language),in many universities it is possible to study in English. I would also like to point out that, it is easy to find English speakers in Riga. Mostly, you wouldn’t have any problem in your daily life with communicating in English language. Also %40 of the people speaks Russian in Riga. So, if you know a bit Russian that would help, at the same time, Riga is a good place to learn Russian next to studies. Contrary to what is believed, I find Latvian people very open-minded and friendly.

  • Living expenses 

It is possible to rent a room in shared flat in centre between 225€-325€. If you are outgoing person, nightlife and restaurants are good in Riga. Mostly prices are between 3-10€ for a meal in mid-level restaurants. Usually, in the clubs you don’t need to pay entrance fee and approximately, beer prices are between 2-4€. It is possible to see special offers which you can get good quality drinks for 2€ in French bar, Tims Mins, Puce. Monthly price for public transportation is 20€ for students. Riga is quite small so, you can reach up wherever you want without traffic.

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