CAPPADOCIA – the land of beautiful horses

You’ve probably already came across impressive hot-air balloon pictures on Instagram or facebook and wondered where this place might be? Cappadocia (Turkish: Kapadokya, German: Kappadokien) – also called as the land of beautiful horses is a historical region in provinces of Turkey and popular for its moon-like landscape and fairy chimneys. Journey and accommodation  In Summer 2017 we stayed 6 … More CAPPADOCIA – the land of beautiful horses


The post is outlining what you need to consider, when you are deciding to leave your home country. EU Citizen – Immigration to another EU-Member Country To be more precisely, this passage will share my experiences from leaving Germany and immigrate to Latvia for work. Generally speaking, Latvia makes emigration in a bureaucratic way very … More EMMIGRATION – IMMIGRATION GUIDE LATVIA


After studying for a year in Latvia, I have decided to inform future students. When I was about to move to this beautiful country, I couldn’t find enough sources on web. Before start reading, it’s better if  you know that here is no free education in Latvia, you have to pay even for the state … More EDUCATION IN LATVIA